"Gib der Stille Raum und hör auf dein Herz"

Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down.

- Jigar Gor

Yoga is the poetry of movement

"A mind free from all disturbances is Yoga"

Mit Achtsamkeit zu innerer Ruhe

Train your mind to be calm in every situation

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind



The word Ashtanga comes from Sanskrit. It means as much as "8 limbs". The founder Sri K. Patthabi Jois was a disciple of T. Krishnamacharya and Ashtanga is the mother of almost all modern yoga styles. In Ashtanga Yoga, certain series of exercises are always practiced in the same order. The flowing transitions from one exercise to the next are particularly exhausting for the body.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is composed of the two syllables "ha" and "tha", which means "sun" and "moon". In principle Hatha Yoga is an umbrella term for body-related yoga, i. e. yogic body, breathing and relaxation exercises. A Hatha Yoga class is usually characterized by rather slow and relaxed yoga exercises. This is a good opportunity for yoga beginners to familiarize themselves with the asanas.

Yin Yoga

The "Yin" in Yin Yoga is derived from the two qualities Yin and Yang, which have their roots in the Chinese philosophy of Daoism.
A style that is suitable for people who want to enjoy yoga in a gentle way or who are looking for a gentle balance to a strenuous workout. In yin yoga the yoga positions are kept passive for a longer period of time. Through the long stay in the asanas, both muscle and ligamentous apparatus, the deep connective tissue, the joints, meridians and the entire energy flow in the body are addressed.

Silver Yoga

For all those who would like to discover the advantages of yoga for themselves later in life: Especially when flexibility, strength and blood circulation are a bit diminishing, Gentle Yoga is good for health and physical well-being. Back pain, joint pain and stiffness can be reduced with simple yoga asanas.

Kids Wobbel Yoga from 6-11 years

Yoga is brought closer to you in a playful way and leads to inner balance, brings body and mind into harmony, compensates for a lack of movement, bundles your own powers, helps you to concentrate better and lets you come to rest. Yogashala in Roeser is the first studio that teaches Wobbelyoga in Luxembourg. On a Wobbelboard kids can get into any asanas by balancing on the board. Yogashala ist the first Wobbelyogastudio in Luxembourg.


Drop In 75min30€
Kids-Wobbel-Yogano classes offered
Yoga Abo/Period138€
Current period26.02.24-30.03.24
Next period08.04.24-25.05.24

Positive effects of Yoga

  • Increases endurance, strength and flexibility
  • Strengthens vitality and energy
  • Improves the own body feeling
  • Reduces tension and pain
  • Delays the aging process
  • Alleviates age-related complaints
  • Leads to inner peace and balance
  • Helps to increase stress resistance
  • Improves quality of life and mental fitness
  • Promotes courage, stamina and concentration
  • Strengthens one's own centricity and mental clarity
  • Helps to recognise and overcome behavioural patterns and habits
  • Brings body, mind and soul into harmony